Turnaround Tuesday Jobs Movement


BUILD has been at the forefront of the jobs movement in Baltimore and has leveraged its 4 decades of organizing experience to cultivate partnerships to promote jobs for returning citizens. Call 443-509-6280 for more information, click here for details!


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Metro IAF Leaders Call on Trump’s Pick for Atty General to Pick Up a Trowel

“They which built on the wall, and they that bore burdens . . . everyone with one of his hands worked in the work, and with the other hand held a weapon.” The Book of Nehemiah, 4:17 “We will keep Nehemiah very much in mind as we begin to test the tendencies of the new […]

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Council Advances Port Covington Deal

Council advances Port Covington Deal Click here to read more! Click here for the MOU. 1100+ affordable homes; tens of thousands jobs with a 30% percent mandate for local hiring; $39 million for south Baltimore; $25 million for workforce development; $10 million for MWBEs; $10 million for city-wide initiatives; $5 million for an East Baltimore […]

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