BUILD, a non-partisan, multifaith, community-based power oganization, is governed by a Strategy Team of key clergy and lay leaders who work with BUILD organizers to guide BUILD’s work.

The Strategy Team includes members of the Senior Leadership and the Executive Advisory Board. The Senior Leadership Team is responsible for setting the direction of BUILD based on issues ratified by the membership, developing strategy for campaigns, and overseeing the organization’s budget and assisting in fundraising. BUILD has two clergy co-chairs and two lay leader co-chairs.

In 2008, BUILD formed an Extended Leadership Team to share in the decision-making of the organization and to develop its members to join the Senior Leadership Team. The Extended Leadership Team is reserved for emerging leaders who are committed to their development as future senior leaders. The team also includes the Youth Leadership Team.

BUILD is also led by a Clergy Caucus of religious leaders from member congregations. The role of the Clergy Caucus is to ratify decisions recommended by the Strategy Team and to provide theological reflection to keep BUILD grounded in its religious and democratic values.

List of BUILD Leadership Team

BUILD staff includes three professional organizers and one project organizer, as well as two part-time administrative staff. BUILD’s Lead Organizer is recommended by BUILD’s national affiliate, the Industrial Areas Foundation (IAF). The Lead Organizer is responsible for hiring and developing staff in consultation with BUILD’s Strategy Team. The primary responsibility of organizers is to identify leaders with an appetite for public action and teach them the skills for results-oriented public work.

List of BUILD Staff

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