BUILD Leadership Team

BUILD Co-Chairs

  • Rev. Andrew Foster Connors, Pastor of Brown Memorial Park Avenue Presbyterian Church†‡
  • The Rev. Glenna Huber, Episcopal Priest†‡
  • Ms. Leslie McMillan, Lay Co-Chair

Strategy Team

  • Ms. Shada Allen, Koinonia Baptist Church‡
  • Ms. Pauline Charles, President, Darley Park Community Association‡
  • Rev. Calvin Keene, Pastor, Memorial Baptist Church†
  • Bishop Douglas Miles, Bishop of Koinonia Baptist Church, Co-Chair Emeritus†
  • Fr. Joe Muth, Pastor, St. Matthew Catholic Church†‡
  • Rev. Marshall Prentice, Pastor, Zion Baptist Church†
  • Ms. Carol Reckling, Executive Director, Child First Authority†
  • Ms. Sherrell Savage, Manager of Community Engagement, KIPP‡

Senior Leadership Team  ‡  Executive Advisory Board


Youth Extended Leadership Team

  • Ms. Sanchel Brown
  • Mr. Cecil Buron
  • Mr. Justin Cherry
  • Mr. Rashad Epps
  • Mr. Roland Epps
  • Ms. April Faulcon
  • Mr. Nehemiah Hall
  • Mr. Garret Nixon

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