BUILD Media Action: Join BUILD Thursday, July 28th at 1:45 PM

On Thursday, July 28th  at 1:45 PM, please join BUILD as we  gather outside the studios of WBAL-TV (3800 Hooper Avenue) and march to the station to call on the media to stop ignoring the crucial issues of this Mayoral election: youth opportunities, education, neighborhood development, and jobs.

“The media has reduced this election to which candidate has the best sales pitch to lower  property taxes with harebrained schemes to cut the rate in half or token decreases,” said Bishop Douglas Miles, BUILD Clergy Co-Chair.  “Meanwhile, the media has ignored the other issues facing Baltimore.”

“The question facing Baltimore during this election is who will the city be built for?” said Rev. Glenna Reed, pastor of St. Luke’s Episcopal Church.  “Will the next Mayor continue the policy that Baltimore has followed for the past 30 years to give tax breaks and subsidies to rich developers downtown at the expense of neighborhoods and youth?   Or will the next Mayor develop the whole city? BUILD calls for developing uptown and downtown.”

On hand will be the city’s favorite candidate for mayor, Builda Genda, who has captured the hearts of neighborhoods and citizens who want to hear more about education, youth employment, recreation, and neighborhood development.